about us

Whether we contribute value as an advisor, incubator, strategic or financial partner, DML Ventures will contribute in turning ideas into market reality. 
We add value to companies by going beyond simply capital in an effort to help them grow and achieve their vision and greater returns.
During each step of the operation, DML Ventures uses  its network, expertise, and business insight to ensure the harmony of the transaction.
We base our philosophy on mutually shared goals based on solid working relationships with management. 
 As partners, we work with management to structure and deliver the strategic and financial resources needed to transform vision into reality. More than just money, we commit our time and resources to ensure success.

DML Ventures  provides a strategic advantage for businesses at every stage of development, including: early stage, start-up, expansion, restructure, succession and buyout. In addition to contributing investment capital, we offer management, planning and business networking support to strengthen the success of our investments. As further commitment to our investments, we also actively seek to establish partnerships and lever third party investment capital. DML Ventures Inc. accomplishes this by bridging the gap between investors and companies using its local knowledge, relationships and resources. We help achieve business objectives by offering solutions for shareholder transition and by investing privately-negotiated equity throughout the various stages of your company's life-cycle.